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Fishing Adventure

Hook, Line, and Smiles: Where every cast lands a memory

Fishing in Belize

Reef fishing in Ambergris Caye is more than just a sport; it’s diving into nature’s showcase with Belize’s vibrant reefs as your backdrop. Cast a line, feel the pull, and catch the radiant fish that call these waters home.

Half-Day Reef Fishing

Experience the thrill of fishing in Ambergris Caye! Dive into a half-day adventure, reeling in species like snapper and grouper. Once done, savour your catch, freshly prepared in your suite or at a nearby eatery. An unforgettable Belizean escapade!

Full-Day Reef Fishing

Embark on a unique fishing adventure across Ambergris Caye’s diverse spots. From serene areas rich with snapper to lively zones with elusive grouper, excitement awaits at every turn. And as the day concludes, imagine a secluded beach BBQ: your catch grilling, and the setting sun.

Just 20 minutes from Ambergris Caye’s shore, discover the stunning fishing flats! Best experienced between May and November, these trips offer an intimate setting with only 2 guests per boat. Dive into this unique angling experience— it’s a must-try!

Half-Day Flats Fishing

Experience a half-day at Ambergris Caye’s flat fishing wonderland! Belize’s commitment to eco-friendly practices lets you chase bonefish, tarpon, and permit in untouched spots. With our guides leading the way, enjoy catch-and-release in the most pristine corners of our waters.

Full-Day Flats Fishing

Full-day flat fishing experience is more than just a trip; it’s an adventure every angler dreams of. With our seasoned local guides by your side, navigate the untouched aqua havens that only a few get to witness. You’ll be in the heart of nature, casting your line in hopes of that thrilling catch—be it the elusive bonefish, the lightning-fast tarpon, or the spirited permit.


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