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Beach Massages

Get pampered on the beach or in your suite.

This is EXACTLY what you need to get your relaxation on!

Something for everybody (therapeutic massage)

30mins/US$60 – 45mins/US$80 – 60mins/US$95 – 75mins/US$110 – 90mins/US$125

Not for the faint of heart (deep tissue massage)
30mins/US$65 – 45mins/US$85 – 60mins/US$105 – 75mins/US$125 – 90mins/US$140



Two can tango (couples massage)
prices based on massage preference

Mr. Miyagi (energy work)
60mins/US$95 – add to any massage 30mins/US$55

Happy Mama (pregnancy massage)

30mins/US$65 – 45mins/US$90 – 60mins/US$100 – 75mins/US$120 – 90mins/US$135

30mins/US$65 – 45mins/US$95 – 60mins/US$105


An outcall fee of $15 USD applies to all treatments. Please contact us with specific questions or pricing requests.


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