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Duration :   6 Hours
The Price :   $277.00
Start Location:   On-site Pickup

Xunantunich Ruin Tour invites you to delve into the ancient mysteries of Mayan civilization! Nestled within the verdant jungles of Belize, Xunantunich showcases towering pyramids, intricate stone carvings, and panoramic vistas. Led by seasoned guides, immerse yourself in the rich history of this archaeological gem as you explore its temples and ceremonial plazas. Gain insight into the vibrant culture of the Mayan people and marvel at the architectural brilliance of structures like El Castillo, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or an adventurer seeking exploration, our Xunantunich Ruin Tour promises an unforgettable journey into Belize’s captivating past.

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You can combine your Xunantunich adventures as follows:

  1. Xunantunich & Altun Ha
  2. Xunantunich & Cave Tubing
  3. Xunantunich & ATV
  4. Xunantunich & Baboon Sanctuary
  5. Xunantunich & Big Rock Falls
  6. Xunantunich & Blue Hole Inland
  7. Xunantunich & Cahal Pech
  8. Xunantunich & Horseback Riding
  9. Xunantunich & River Kayaking
  10. Xunantunich & Zip Lining

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Xunantunich (only)
Xunantunich and Altun Ha
Xunantunich and ATV
Xunantunich and Baboon Sanctuary
Xunantunich and Big Rock Falls
Xunantunich and Blue Hole Inland
Xunantunich and Cahal Pech
Xunantunich and Horseback Riding
Xunantunich and River Kayaking
Xunantunich and Zip Lining

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