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Blue Hole Snorkel

Ambergris Caye

Blue Hole Snorkel

Duration :   12 Hours
The Price :   $215.00
Start Location:   On-site Pickup
Discover the wonders of Belize’s famous Blue Hole on an exciting snorkeling adventure. This massive underwater sinkhole in the middle of the Caribbean Sea is a snorkeler’s paradise, filled with amazing limestone formations, tropical fish, sharks, and sea turtles. Experience the thrill of swimming with sharks, explore the pristine coral reefs of Half Moon Caye, and enjoy a secluded beach picnic on a private island. Everything you need to know about booking a Blue Hole snorkeling tour in Belize, from what to expect to tips for your trip. A bucket list experience you’ll never forget! This trip has a US$40 park fee that will be due in cash at The Blue Hole.

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The Blue Hole in Belize is a world-renowned natural wonder and a diver's paradise. Located off the coast of Belize, this massive underwater sinkhole is part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Blue Hole is a perfectly circular formation, over 300 meters (984 feet) across and around 125 meters (410 feet) deep. Its deep blue color and dramatic vertical walls create a mesmerizing sight from above. Divers are drawn to its depths to explore ancient stalactites and stalagmites, remnants of its time as a limestone cave system during the last ice age. It's a bucket-list destination for adventurers seeking to discover one of the most iconic dive sites on the planet.

1The Blue Hole

Half Moon Caye, a crescent-shaped gem nestled at the southwest corner of Lighthouse Reef Atoll in Belize, boasts a rich history as the first nature reserve in the country and the inaugural marine protected area in Central America. This picturesque island captivates visitors with its unique blend of endangered littoral forest embracing one half and a breathtaking palm-studded beach gracing the other. Outdoor enthusiasts, diving aficionados, and birdwatchers flock to Half Moon Caye for its renowned colony of Red-footed Boobies, an exclusive sanctuary in the western hemisphere alongside the Galápagos Islands. Divers are treated to exhilarating wall dives, delving into the vertical wonders of the earth's formations. Notably, Half Moon Caye distinguishes itself from its Bahamian namesake, offering a distinct allure with its lush surroundings and diverse wildlife encounters, promising an unforgettable adventure for all who visit.

2Half Moon Caye

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The Great Blue Hole

The adventure begins with a thrilling boat ride (approx. 2.5hrs) from San Pedro, Belize, to the iconic Blue Hole. This marine marvel is a perfectly circular sinkhole that reaches depths of over 400 feet (124 meters). As you approach, the sapphire waters of the Caribbean Sea transform into a deep indigo, and you'll feel the excitement building. The Blue Hole is a world-renowned marine site, attracting divers and snorkelers from around the globe eager to explore its incredible underwater formations, including stalactites and limestone formations. Even if you’re not a diver, you can still appreciate the beauty of this natural wonder from the surface, surrounded by the sheer limestone walls and the possibility of spotting sharks and other marine life.

Half Moon Caye Snorkel

Snorkeling at Half Moon Caye is like entering an aquatic wonderland. This reef, located just offshore, features stunning coral formations teeming with colorful fish and other marine creatures. The vibrant coral gardens create a kaleidoscope of colors and provide a safe haven for a wide range of species, making it an ideal spot for snorkelers to encounter the underwater beauty of Belize.

Half Moon Caye Island

After the awe-inspiring snorkel to the Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye, your tour continues to the island of Half Moon Caye, a protected marine reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage site. This remote and pristine island is an essential nesting ground for the rare red-footed booby bird, and its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters make it a picture-perfect paradise. Relax and have lunch on the beach, explore the island's trails,  or bird-watch to witness the incredible diversity of avian life.

The Aquarium

The Aquarium is another incredible snorkeling destination within the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. This area is known for its calm and clear waters, making it perfect for exploring the diverse marine life that inhabits the coral gardens. Expect to encounter schools of tropical fish, sea turtles, and an array of vibrant coral species. The Aquarium is a photographer's paradise, with endless opportunities to capture the natural splendor of Belize's underwater world.

Enjoy the ride back with a picturesque view and a rum punch in hand!

Overall, The Blue Hole snorkel trip from San Pedro, Belize, is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that combines thrilling underwater exploration, stunning natural beauty, and a deep appreciation for the marine wonders of this Central American paradise. Whether you're an experienced snorkeler or a first-timer, this excursion promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Belize's marine treasures.


Can I snorkel in the Blue Hole? Is it safe for snorkelers?

Yes you can Snorkel the Blue Hole and its very safe. The Blue Hole is primarily a deep dive site, reaching depths of over 120 meters (394 feet), with its most interesting features lying well below the snorkeling depth range. Additionally, the area is known for strong currents and potentially hazardous conditions, making it unsafe for snorkelers. It's best suited for experienced scuba divers who are properly trained and equipped to explore its depths.

What kind of marine life can I expect to see while snorkeling in the Blue Hole?

While snorkeling near the surface of the Blue Hole, you may still encounter some marine life, although it tends to be less diverse and abundant compared to diving deeper. Common sightings for snorkelers around the Blue Hole may include various species of reef fish such as angelfish, parrotfish, sergeant majors, and snappers. You might also spot some smaller marine creatures like colorful coral reef inhabitants, including sea fans, sponges, and possibly some crustaceans like shrimp or crabs. Additionally, occasional sightings of rays, small sharks, and turtles near the surface are possible, but they are less common compared to deeper diving experiences. While snorkeling in the Blue Hole offers a glimpse of its marine ecosystem, the most spectacular sights and diverse marine life are typically reserved for experienced scuba divers exploring its deeper depths.

Where exactly is the Blue Hole located? How do I get there?

The Blue Hole is located off the coast of Belize, near the center of Lighthouse Reef Atoll. To get there, by either boat or plane. Boat tours to the Blue Hole often depart from coastal towns like Caye Caulker or San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. These tours usually include stops at other nearby dive and snorkeling sites, providing a full day of exploration in the area. Alternatively, you can take a scenic flight from Belize City to nearby airstrips such as Caye Caulker Airport or San Pedro Airport, and then join a diving or snorkeling tour from there. It's essential to book your trip with a reputable tour operator or dive center, as they can provide the necessary equipment, guides, and safety precautions for exploring the Blue Hole. Additionally, be sure to check weather conditions and plan your visit during the dry season (typically November to April) for the best diving and snorkeling conditions.

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  • Sunscreen


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